Ever since he was a young child, Beatmaster J has been interested in music. With access to multiple instruments, his creativity ran wild and led him to begin writing music. After becoming heavily engrossed in several forms of electronic music he began to have an intense desire to create, perform and demonstrate his skills as a DJ.

Starting in his friends bedroom on inexpensive turntables he began to learn art of beatmixing and fine tuned his skills with practice. Over time, he would upgrade his gear and learn all new methods of the art leading him into the realm of digital mixing. With a world of new possibilities available to him, digital mixing became a passion leading him to throw large parties just for the fun of it.

Beatmaster J continues to improve his skills and is constantly learning and growing in his art. With the advances in digital DJ software and hardware he is truly able to show his creative and technological abilities, and is ready to perform for you.